Reforest Kelly 11.5%ABV

Reforest Kelly 11.5%ABV

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Dammit, it’s sour, Jim!

Yes, Bones, it’s gloriously sour. No mean feat for an over 11% imperial stout. ReForest Kelley is an out-of-this world experience and took a lot of work to push it towards its tartness- as well as taking an awful lot of patience! Who else is putting a beer like this in bourbon barrels for over 18 months, as well as incorporating fruit to add to its complex flavour?  

Big, bold, oaky, and sour with a background cherry finish- this beer brings together elements from across the universe of brewing to yield a careful blend of flavours. The base beer is our national gold medal-winning bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout Weendigo, to which we added sour cultures and Ontario black cherries. And oodles of bourbon flavour? Yeah, it’s got that too.

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