Keyser Gose 4.8%ABV
Keyser Gose 4.8%ABV

Keyser Gose 4.8%ABV

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Gose is an interesting, lesser-known style of German beer and certainly not one of The Usual Suspects found in the beer aisle.
Not to be confused with the lambic style Gueuze, a Gose is a sour wheat ale with citrus, slight herbal notes, and salt.  Our version, Keyser Göse, was a wonderful opportunity to utilize lemon and tangerine peel to make a fresh and summery sour ale.
Some Gose brews utilize a fully-spontaneous fermentation, but ours had a specific pitch of Lactobacillus followed by brewers yeast.  This helped to bolster the citusy-sourness yet allow the wort to undergo a more controlled fermentation.  It's a complex blend of bright, gentle sourness, citrus, and a rich wheat beer body.
Almost lost to history after WWII, this style has slowly been spreading back through the proliferation of craft breweries.  Here's our stab at a somewhat milder version of a traditional Gose- one we're proud to share and be Verbal about.
Aroma: lemon, citrus, fruity, weak herbal, bubblegum and candy
Taste: bright, mild bitterness, lemon, tangerine, gentle sourness, lingering Belgian flavours
Body: medium to high